The question that begs for an answer is this Is HGH good for Children? I mean it’s okay if Adults take this drug and there are side effects. They can bear whatever side effects came up. But HGH for children is something else. What if their tiny littles bodies can’t handle it? These are just some of the ethical and medical concerns about using HGH for kids. I have always wondered until i visited my cousin and her son. Sean was a happy child but he was sad on this day. He had been bullied because he was not as tall as kids his age. I encouraged him but nothing i did or said made a difference. His self esteem was slow ebbing away. I never wanted to see Sean like this. It was at this moment i began to consider the possibilities of HGH supplements to better lives. What if this little boy could benefit from hormonal growth? There is a lot of hype surrounding HGH. It’s time to separate fact from fiction. A Quick Introduction To HGH The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) stimulates growth and development in humans and animals. HGH has served the purpose of cell regeneration and cell reproduction. The Medical world has used it for this purpose for many years. Just like other hormones, HGH is produced in some of the cells that are present in the glands and organs. It is produced in trickles as they move into the bloodstream which carries it to the part of the body where it is needed. For almost 60 years, HGH has been medically used to enhance growth in children who lack this growth hormone. It is also used to cure conditions that prevent growth in children. This hormone was taken from human remains but it was stopped because it aided the passing on of Creutzfeldt-Jakob virus. Over a decade ago, the FDA officially allowed the use of Human Growth Hormone in children with growth deficiencies.